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There are various benefits of dealing with us and letting us buy your house:

  • Fair Prices - We buy your house at its market value.
  • Repairs and Maintenance Cost - Save thousands of dollars since there is no need to do any touch ups or repairs. We buy your house on an AS-IS basis.
  • Move when you are ready to - We are flexible enough and let you decide when you want to close.
  • No more embarrassment by displaying your house to strangers - Since we are the people who would be directly buying the house there is no need to display your house to strangers.
  • Have a quote from us within 2 days - We can offer you a no obligations quote within 2 days.
  • Fast Closing - In some cases we have closed on houses in as fast as 7 days.
  • Help with Bank - In case of foreclosure we can deal with the bank on your behalf.
  • Cut paperwork - Our team of professional experts will take care of all the paperwork involved.
  • Stop Foreclosure - We provide you free assistance in case of foreclosure and help you with all the minute details of foreclosure.
We are committed to provide you the best possible service available in the industry.  We have an extremely professional team who are very friendly and prompt.  We take care of all the hassles of buying the house and let you get back to your work and total peace of mind.

Click here to sell a property! We are always ready to buy your house and reassure you with the best of our services.

For general question, please call our toll free number at 1 (800) 340-4509.



I wanted to sell my house quickly and move to Georgia. City Wide Sales was a god send! Their staff was very professional and I was on my way with a check in two weeks. Thank you very much!

A. Silva, Houston, TXWe got transferred out of state. We owed too much money on our house. Realtors couldn't help, there was no money available for us to pay them a commission. We were making two mortgage payments and we were starting to drown. City Wide Sales worked out a way that they could take over paying our Mortgage Payment. It still cost us a little money up front, but we have saved thousands over the last two years. We are thrilled that City Wide Sales is now taking responsibility for making the mortgage payments on our Florida house. Thank you, SO much!

Jason and Claudia S.