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About Us

City Wide Sales, LLC Estate Sales offers clients extensive knowledge and experience. Our reputation for professionalism and exceptional service combined with attention to detail and superior presentation allow us to achieve the highest return on your property.  Be it a modest home, sprawling estate, or unique valuable; we can manage any situation involvingEstate Sale in San Antonio where ring sold your personal property.

Our associates are all members in the Fine Art Community of the San Antonio Metroplex specializing in antique reproduction furniture, fine antiques, curios, and collectibles. We maintain a vast number of contacts with local and national auction houses, antique dealers and collectors, as well as interior designers to meet any client need.

Our Estate Sales

Our estate sales are conducted within the utmost professional and secure atmosphere while catering to Texas Estate sales where vase was featuredthe individual needs of our clients. Knowing you never have a chance to sell the same item twice, we strive to present your possessions in the best manner possible to gain the highest return. With an eye towards quality and design, each item is cleaned, polished and displayed to its best advantage and in the most attractive manner. It is this high level of excellence that our clients and patrons have come to expect from a City Wide Sales, LLC estate sale.

In order to attract as many patrons to our public sales as possible we advertise within local newspapers, send e-mail notifications to our ever-growing contact list, post information, and digital photos on our own website or affiliate, and mail individual invitations when appropriate.

A complete accounting of all transactions, including applicable sales tax, is maintained by our associates and presented at the conclusion of your sale for tax purposes and record keeping.

Need an Estate Sale

  • Contact several reputable estate liquidators in your area as soon as possible to check availability. It can take 2 weeks or more to prepare for an estate sale. Schedule an on-site meeting to discuss your needs and how the liquidator can best assist you. Be sure to ask for references. You do not get a second chance to liquidate personal property.Austin Estate Sale where chair entered
  • Verify with the neighborhood, homeowners, or building association that an estate sale open and advertised to the general public is allowed at the premises. Be aware of any by-laws, codes, and/or rules surrounding a public sale in your area.
  • Ensure no more than one estate sale has occurred at the premises within the previous 12 months. City code prevents more than two sales at the same address within 12 months.
  • Definitely decide on which items you want to liquidate. If liquidating items belonging to another owner, have on hand legal and binding documentation which authorizes and authenticates your ability to liquidate designated items. Documentation may include, but is not limited to, Bill of Sale, Power of Attorney, Will, Letters of Testamentary, or Letters of Administration.
  • Do not throw anything away! Just because an item is old and dirty doesn't mean it is not valuable. Even pieces of a broken item can help increase the overall value. Let the estate liquidator determine what is trash and what is treasure.
  • Gather any receipts, sales slips, or earlier appraisals that relate to the items being liquidated.
  • Gather any historical information or family history that relate to the items being liquidated.
  • If a vehicle is to be sold, please have the car and the car registration available.
  • Document ALL items to be excluded from the estate sale - including fixtures, appliances, etc. Make arrangements to have excluded items removed from the premises prior to the estate sale, if possible.
  • Ensure standard homeowners liability insurance exists for the premises which covers all staff, guests, and invitees who attend the sale.
  • Ensure there will be adequate electricity, water, and seasonably appropriate heating or air conditioning to the premises.
  • Selling the house? Be sure the realtor has listing information on hand for the liquidator to distribute to interested shoppers. If the house is under contract, be sure the estate sale occurs prior to closing.
  • Consider what should be done with items remaining after the estate sale.
  • ALWAYS get it in writing! You never get a second chance to liquidate your personal property. Be sure everything you agree to is clearly spelled out.

These are just a few of the many things that should be considered and discussed when planning for an estate sale.

Overwhelmed? Do not worry - City Wide Sales, LLC Estate Sales can handle any unique circumstance.  Call us with questions or to arrange a meeting:

City Wide Sales, LLC
8452 Fredericksburg Rd. #296
San Antonio, TX 78229-3317

Phone: 1 (210) 382-7615
Toll Free: 1 (800) 340-4509
Fax: 1 (210) 693-1534

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